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Back and Neck Pain

Dr. Ai Mukai is a back and neck pain specialist at Texas Orthopedics in Austin. She will diagnose and treat your pain so that you can resume your normal activities and enjoy life. The goal of treatment is to improve the alignment of your spine, relieve pressure and pain, and prevent further injuries. For most patients, spine surgery is only necessary when more conservative treatment options have failed.

Common causes of spine pain include:

Spine pain generally affects various areas of your body, making the exact source of pain difficult to diagnose and treat. An X-ray, MRI, and physical examination are the basis for diagnosing the source of your symptoms. Sometimes, a nerve and muscle test called EMG/NCS may be needed to look for nerve damage coming from the spine or to rule out non-spine related nerve issues in the arm or leg.

Symptoms of spine problems include:

  • Muscle spasms or achy muscles
  • Sudden pain that gets worse with twisting or bending
  • Constant sharp or achy pain in the bone
  • Shooting, burning, or tingling pain on one side
  • Pain near the buttock area (sacroiliac joint pain)
  • Joint pain in the “knuckles” of the back (facet joint pain)
  • Tailbone pain that gets worse with prolonged sitting

Treatment options for back and neck pain include:

For more information about spinal pain and treatment options, please visit our patient education library and read Dr. Mukai’s handouts:

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